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Why Working With Influencers Can Benefit Your Medical Practice

Developing a strong and engaged audience for your medical practice is critical in a day and age when people are spending more of their time browsing social media platforms. One tactic you may want to incorporate into your social media marketing (if you are not already) is working with influencers. Influencer marketing can have a [...]

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Why Retargeting Ads are Beneficial for Medical Practices

As consumers continue to spend more time online and on social media, your digital marketing efforts become increasingly more important to your medical practice. Potential patients can easily find medical practices online so it’s important that you consider tactics like retargeting ads in your social media marketing strategy to stay competitive. If you don’t consider your [...]

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Spring Cleaning for Your Website

Often when we hear the term ‘spring cleaning’ we think of cleaning out our closets and homes, but have you thought about cleaning up your website? The season is the perfect time to clean up and update your website. Updating your website and having fresh content is not only important to make sure your business [...]

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The Power of Colors in Marketing

It turns out there’s a lot more to colors than simply their visual appeal. In fact, the colors you choose for your marketing campaigns or branding may actually impact your success -- yes really. According to this article from Help Scout: “90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone (depending [...]

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How Live Video Can Engage the Audience of Your Brand

The trend to make your brand experience more engaging and personable on social media continues to evolve and live video has quickly become a favorite tactic. Live video allows you to connect with your audience in real-time -- adding elements of transparency and accessibility beyond what other channels can offer. Not only is it a great [...]

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Importance of Responsive Websites in Today’s Mobile Age

As technology continues to innovate consumers are spending more of their time online on a mobile or tablet device. Trend reports have estimated that nearly 50% of website traffic will be accessed on a mobile device in the year 2016. With an increasing amount of web traffic coming in from different sources it is essential [...]

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Why User-Generated Content is Important to your Social Media Marketing

User-generated content can have many valuable effects on your social media strategy. Not only can it provide you with diverse content, but it also allows your customers to be a part of your brand story. In today’s social media driven world, it has never been easier for brands to connect with their customers and it’s [...]

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How to Build Your Email Marketing List

Email marketing is a powerful tool for your marketing strategy that should not be underestimated. Not only is it a powerful way to connect with your subscribers and promote your brand, but it often has a higher acquisition rate than social media. Other benefits of the strategy is it is written with actionable call-to-actions and easy [...]

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Importance of Integrated Media Buying

Getting the word out about your business is a huge part of a business’ success and it’s important to pick the right channels to connect with your audience. Many businesses purchase ad space on different platforms to get their message out but may not consider how their ad sales work together. There’s more to integrated [...]

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New Year, New Business Resolutions

There’s no time better than the New Year to evaluate your business. Now is the time to sit down and evaluate what you’ve accomplished over the last year, what worked (or didn’t) and what you’d like to accomplish in the next year. Taking this time to write down your goals and making resolutions for your [...]

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