Getting the word out about your business is a huge part of a business’ success and it’s important to pick the right channels to connect with your audience. Many businesses purchase ad space on different platforms to get their message out but may not consider how their ad sales work together.

There’s more to integrated media buying than simply purchasing a few placements and it’s important to know how your media plan works together to maximize your success.


What is Integrated Media Buying

Integrated media buying is the process of creating an optimized media plan that designates the media buys that will be most successful for a brand. This includes combining ad buys in traditional media, radio, TV and digital to best reach your target audience. One of the most important parts about integrated media buying is working with a team that can see the big picture of your plan to make sure each component works together to best deliver your message.


How Media Buying Can Help Your Business

Creating a media plan is important for your business because it is the key to getting your business’ messaging out effectively. Without the knowledge and relationships with media you may be missing out on potential business. Working with an experienced team that understands the landscape of the industry and who has relationships with media reps and partners can give your business an extra edge. Here are some of the benefits of having an integrated media plan:


  • Maximized investment across media buy platforms
  • Team will negotiate on your behalf to save you time and money
  • Relationships with reps and vendors for outlets across the United States
  • Media buying strategy from professionals
  • Optimized and cohesive messaging
  • Regular reports from vendors to track your campaign’s success


Why Relationships in Integrated Media Buying Matter

In a crowded market, relationships have become an increasingly important part of business and media buying is no exception. Having strong relationships with reps and partners allow a deeper understanding for each platform’s outlet. This allows for further optimized placement to maximize reach of your audience. It can be especially important when you are working with media outlets outside of your current area that you may not be as familiar with. Having a relationship with the media can also improve buying packages that are available, which you would not have access to otherwise. For this reason, many businesses decide to work with experts in the field to improve the performance of their media buys.


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