Fine-tuning a media plan to optimize every dollar is very much a science. Understanding how to orchestrate all of the channels to work together and connect with the audience is an art. Avocado Digital Media team specializes in traditional, digital, social media, and search engine marketing. Media (Radio, TV, Digital) buying is similar—while there is a lot of math and data, the art of the buy really lies in growing personal relationships with reps and partners.
Our buying excels at both.

What will you get by using our Integrated Media Buying Services:


The advantage and benefits of Integrated Media Buying Services will go beyond media placement.

1) We will negotiate and analyze your current plan to make sure it’s cost efficient and you’re receiving your ROI. As well as a weekly/monthly detailed report to make sure our clients are receiving all promotional support/deliverables as promised by each vendor.

2) We will maintain and reinvent your strategy to make sure you continue to maximize your investment across various platforms (print, digital, direct mail, radio, etc).

3)We commit to delivering efficiency by working closely with our clients, negotiating for you while saving you time/money. We are experts in your industry and understand your needs, ROI is definitely a priority.

4) All campaigns will be strategically enhanced with customized/branded content to make sure we speak to each target based on the format/platform we are using. (News talk, sports, music formats, etc).

5) We will help produce and write all creative to make sure your messaging is cohesive across the board.

6) Avocado Digital Media will be your #1 stop and resource to simplify your marketing plan from all angles/platforms. With our knowledge and our commitment we will help produce measurable results while we closely analyze your campaigns on a day to day.

7) We will inquiry daily/weekly report from your vendors to make sure that all elements/creative/commercials/lifestyle events are being executed to our standards. No room for mistakes!

Integrated Media Buying Services are available in all major cities across USA.

Please contact us to discuss your Integrated Media Buying Package at