Our Team

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We live, think, play, and work in an integrated digital world. We research, plan, execute, analyze and adjust.
And then we do this all over again until we get the best results possible.

“I am a true believer in authenticity, transparency, global connectivity and a big thinker about sustainability.  As much as I believe in business optimization, I would argue that today it’s more important to change than to optimize, because the rate of change around us is accelerating. The better you become at one thing, the deeper into your rut you go, and the harder it is to get out of that rut when change comes.”

Ekaterina Lyapustina, CEO & Founder


Our resumes read executive, creative director, strategic planner, producer, film maker, blogger & graphic designer. We speak English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish & Greek. We are MBA graduates, photographers, professional dancers, husbands, wives, and singles.We studied in 20 different cities, lived in 15 countries and traveled to all 7 continents across the world. Why does it matter? We cover most of our clients’ demographics, so we know how to get attention of anyone! We’ve filmed movies in Australia, traveled the world, raised cows, competed with professional speed skaters, meditated in Cambodia, brewed beer in Germany, met and helped elect USA city mayors, gave more than 200 international scholarship to students across the Globe to study in USA.


But there is one thing that unites us:

We LOVE to work!
We’re PASSIONATE & COMMITED to our clients!
We BELIEVE in change & BOLD innovation!