As consumers continue to spend more time online and on social media, your digital marketing efforts become increasingly more important to your medical practice. Potential patients can easily find medical practices online so it’s important that you consider tactics like retargeting ads in your social media marketing strategy to stay competitive. If you don’t consider your digital marketing efforts you could miss out on potential patients to other practices. Retargeting ads can be a great tactic because they are ads that appear on social media for people who have previously visited your website. Here are a few benefits of retargeting ads:

  • Reach people who have visited your website
  • Increase potential leads or sales
  • Create targeted ads to an audience who has already shown interest in your practice
  • Increase and strengthen visibility for your practice

Why Retargeting Ads are Valuable

Retargeting ads allow you to reach people who have visited your website but may not have completed your call-to-action — like signing up for a free consultation, scheduling an appointment, or buying a product your practice sells. Retargeting ads track the users who have visited your website and then your ads appear on Facebook for those same users. This allows you to reach an audience that has already shown interest in your practice and improves your visibility. Retargeting ads generally have a high-click through rate for this reason and often result in a higher conversion rate than other types of ads.

How They Work

Retargeting ads are created off of cookie-based technology. A small piece of code to add a pixel is inserted to the specific pages you’d like to track. When a new visitor visits your website there is an anonymous cookie that is dropped into their browser. That cookie then tells your retargeting ad when the cookied user is on the web and when to show your retargeting ad on Facebook. The use of this pixel allows for your ad to only be shown to those users who have visited your website creating a highly targeted audience.

Creating Effective Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are most effective when they are promoting a clear call-to-action or offer. You can tailor your retargeting ads based upon which services or products the users have visited prior. This allows you to be strategic in your approach so that your ads are most effective. The key is creating specific ads with a strong call-to-action and an easy way to complete the transaction. Beyond the ads you are creating, it’s also important that your website is user-friendly with similar call-to-actions so that the user is easily transitioned to complete the transaction.

Would you like to create retargeting ads for your medical practice? The Avocado Digital team specializes in social media marketing and can help your practice increase conversions. Contact us today and find out how the Avocado Digital team can help your business.