User-generated content can have many valuable effects on your social media strategy. Not only can it provide you with diverse content, but it also allows your customers to be a part of your brand story. In today’s social media driven world, it has never been easier for brands to connect with their customers and it’s important to take advantage of the potential. Brands can do this by encouraging customers to engage by sharing comments, photos or videos is a great way to maximize efforts.

User-generated content is valuable because it:

  • Increases your word-of-mouth marketing efforts
  • Enhances brand loyalty with your customers
  • Provides your brand with authentic content from your customers

Now that you know some of the benefits, here are some techniques to increase your user-generated content.

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

One of the first things you can do to increase your user-generated content is to encourage your customers to leave reviews about your business. You can encourage users to leave reviews by the following:

  • Yelp: If you are a service or restaurant you can encourage your customers to leave feedback on your page.
  • Social Media Reviews: Depending on the category of your Facebook page, your fans may be able to write reviews on your page.
  • Email marketing: Another effective way of encouraging your customers to give you feedback is by sending a follow-up email after a purchase asking your customers for their thoughts.

It’s also important that you request your customers’ approval to share reviews if they submit through a format other than on your social media or Yelp page. You certainly don’t want to share information that they think will remain private. Another way you can encourage feedback from your customers is by offering a discount code for their next purchase following a review. While the content is certainly valuable to your brand, if you are soliciting reviews making your customers feel valued can strengthen your efforts.

Develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Whether you are working on increasing visibility of your brand or launching a new product, developing an influencer marketing strategy is a great way to encourage user-generated content. By identifying people who are actively engaged with your page or top bloggers you can reach out to see if they’d like to try your product in exchange for sharing a social media or blog post. There are several ways you can apply this public relations tactic, but the goal is to have others try your products while increasing your word-of-mouth marketing and connecting with their audiences.

Prompt Users to Share Content with Designated Hashtags

If your brand is already well-loved or has a higher distribution, sometimes increasing your user-generated content is as easy as posting updates prompting your followers to share. An easy way to do this is through a Facebook post or you can share in your Instagram bio to submit photos for possible reposts with a designated hashtag. This is a great options to engage your audience and can create excitement for your followers when you choose to repost their content.

There are several ways to encourage your followers to share content of your brand and the Avocado Digital team suggests varying your approach to see what works best for your business. Would you like help on building out your user-generated content strategyContact us today and find out how the Avocado Digital team can help you achieve your social media goals.