Developing a strong and engaged audience for your medical practice is critical in a day and age when people are spending more of their time browsing social media platforms. One tactic you may want to incorporate into your social media marketing (if you are not already) is working with influencers. Influencer marketing can have a valuable effect on your marketing efforts for the following reasons:
● Expand your audience on social media
● Increase credibility for your services
● Increase leads for your services

Expand Your Reach
One of the biggest reasons to consider working with influencers is to expand your social media reach beyond your current social media followers. By partnering with a social media influencer or celebrity, you are able to get your medical practice or product in front of an audience you likely wouldn’t have had otherwise. Influencer marketing is different than advertising or hiring a spokesperson too because it is done in a more personal manner. The goal is to work with influencers where your services would benefit their lifestyles so that their feedback is authentic.

Boost Your Credibility
People follow influencers and celebrities online because they admire or trust their opinions, which are key components to getting people interested in your services or product. By partnering with an influencer you are letting them experience your services or product firsthand in exchange for sharing with their social media followers. Successful influencer marketing campaigns can increase your credibility by expanding your reach on their social media pages as well as giving you user-generated content that you can share on your website and social media accounts. When people visit your website or social media and see that you’ve received positive feedback from someone they admire, they will be more likely to consider your services.

Increase Leads for Your Services
The goal of most marketing campaigns are to increase awareness and increase leads for sales. Both of which influencer marketing campaigns can help with. Two factors in gaining more leads are increasing awareness and credibility — both things that influencer marketing can contribute to. With an increased audience learning about your services and products you are more likely to secure sales leads.

Working with Influencers
Each influencer you work with may have different requirements for their partnership. Some influencers will agree to teaming up by receiving your services or product at no charge for their feedback and others may require sponsored content fees. It’s important to understand the value of each influencer’s’ audience to decide whether or not sponsored content fees will be a good fit for your goals of the campaign. Working with professionals in the industry can also be beneficial to help you determine the value and terms of your social media partnerships.

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