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Digital Vigilance

A website is like a time bomb with many fuses that are constantly burning down. Plugins, extensions, and your website framework (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) need to be updated in order to reduce bugs and hacking. Our proactive system maintenance include essential housekeeping and health checks for technical upgrades to ensure your website is kept up to date for reliability, security and speed. In addition our dedicated digital team can handle all content amendments if you prefer to out-house your content changes which can be either sent or handed over to the team to write.


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Our strategy services involve creating a data privacy roadmap that aligns with your organization’s strategic goals. We help you get buy-in from leadership.

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Our in-person, customized trainings utilize Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and engaging exercises to create a dynamic learning experience.

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Privacy Vendor Implementation: Our experts guide you through the implementation of leading privacy vendor solutions like OneTrust, BigId, Egnyte, TrustArc, Securiti, Calibra, and others.

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Our Design service involves crafting a Privacy Compliance Program tailored to meet the specific requirements of data privacy legislations and regulations that apply to your organization.

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  • One Day Privacy Approach
  • Comprehensive Privacy Risk Assessment
  • Third Party Vendor Assessment
  • AI and Gen AI Assessment
  • Marketing Analytics Assessments
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